Call for Nominations: Best Dissertation Award 2022 by EETN

The Board Members of EETN invite nominations for the best dissertation award 2022 in the area of Artificial Intelligence.

The award is sponsored by EETN and includes 1.000 Euros and free participation in SETN 2022 ( where it will be presented.

Nominations are due by May 31st 2022 and must be submitted by the thesis supervisor as a single PDF file through easychair at the following link .

Eligible doctoral dissertations are those defended at a Greek University from 01/01/2020 to 31/12/2021 in the general area of Artificial Intelligence.

To be considered, the single PDF file submitted at easychair must contain the following:

  • cover letter that includes: the name and contact details of the thesis supervisor and the nominator; the date of the defense of the dissertation;  and the names of the seven-member Board of Examiners involved in its defense;
  • letter by the thesis supervisor stating his assessment of why the thesis should win the award.
  • the full nominated dissertation.
  • research papers that have been published in journals or conferences and come from the dissertation.

The dissertation that will receive the award will be selected by a three-member committee of scientists from the area of Artificial Intelligence working in Universities or Research Centers in Greece or abroad. The selection will be based on the originality of the dissertation, its contribution to science and its expected impact. Dissertations with papers accepted at prestigious conferences, or journals of Artificial Intelligence will be considered more favourably.