Planning and Scheduling

  • Roboskel

    Group Name: Roboskel
    Group Acronym: Roboskel
    Laboratory Name: Software and Knowledge Engineering (SKEL)
    Institute Name: Institute of Informatics & Telecommunications
    Organisation Name: National Centre for Scientific Research (NCSR) Demokritos, Athens, Greece
    Number of Faculty Members: 1
    Number of Post Docs: 2
    Number of PostGraduates: 2
    Number of PreGraduates: 0
    Key Research Areas: Human-robot interaction
    Planning and Scheduling
    Robotics, Perception and Vision


    Representative Publications

    Natural Language Processing

    Citation: Georgios Petasis and Vangelis Karkaletsis.
    Identifying Argument Components through TextRank.
    In Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Argument Mining (ArgMining2016), ACL 2016.
    Association for Computational Linguistics, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany, 07 August 2016, pp. 56–66.
    Abstract: In this paper we examine the application of an unsupervised extractive summarisation algorithm, TextRank, on a different task, the identification of argumentative components. Our main motivation is to examine whether there is any potential overlap between extractive summarisation and argument mining, and whether approaches used in summarisation (which typically model a document as a whole) can have a positive effect on tasks of argument mining. Evaluation has been performed on two corpora containing user posts from an on-line debating forum and persuasive essays. Evaluation results suggest that graph-based approaches and approaches targeting extractive summarisation can have a positive effect on tasks related to argument mining.

    Web and Knowledge-based Information Systems

    Citation: George Papadakis, George Giannakopoulos, and Georgios Paliouras.
    Graph vs. Bag Representation Models for the Topic Classification of Web Documents.
    In World Wide Web: 1–34, 2015.

    Machine Learning and Data Mining

    Citation: K. Bougiatiotis, Anastasia Krithara.
    Author Profiling using Complementary Second Order Attributes and Stylometric Features. Notebook for PAN at CLEF 2016.
    In 7th Conference & Labs of the Evaluation Forum, "Colégio do Espírito Santo", University of Évora, Evora, Portugal, 05/09/2016.